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10 simple habits that will increase your intelligence

Do you want to increase and improve your intelligence in an easy and simple way? We propose 10 habits and methods that will help you achieve it effectively. They will surprise you.

There is a Latin saying that dictates men are sane in corporasane.” This quote tells us that to enjoy a good quality of life, you not only have to be in perfect physical condition.

It is also necessary to exercise our mind in order to increase our intelligence gradually.  Are you interested in improving it but have no idea how to achieve it? Well, through the following lines we will give you ten habits that are very easy to carry out.

10 wonderful habits to improve your intelligence


Learning is one of the best ways to “expand” our knowledge. We must learn both from the situations that arise in life, the people around us and from the books and information that are in them. In this way we will accustom our brain to work and therefore to become more intelligent beings.


Listening is one more way of learning. It is a great way to understand the world and all the inhabitants that surround it. Therefore, we invite you to simply listen to what people around you are saying. It does not matter if they are unknown or not part of your environment. Absolutely anyone can teach you anything.


Many people tend to confuse looking with observing. And the truth is that they are two completely different terms. Observing basically consists of paying attention to the small details. In this way, a large dose of information is obtained about any situation that surrounds us.

To experience

Without experimentation it is very possible that we become lazy beings and without any kind of ambition. For this, it is recommended that we never stay with the first knowledge we obtain. Get out of there and explore your limits. You can’t imagine what the world is capable of offering you if you start experimenting a little.

To converse

As we have explained in the first point, intelligence is also developed through learning. And a good way to promote it is by talking with all kinds of people from very different cultures and countries. In this way we will achieve a much more global vision of the entire world around us.


Once we have experienced and observed all kinds of people and situations, we can only get out of our comfort zone. The truth is that it is really good there without much stress or worries. However, only by expanding our knowledge can we greatly improve our overall intelligence.

To exercise

It is useless if doing all this if afterwards we do not make the “machinery of our mind” work from time to time. For this, it is advisable to dedicate 20 minutes a day to carry out activities that are related to the exercise of the mind. Reading, drawing, Sudoku, learning a language … We have a wide range of possibilities at our disposal.

Analyze the possibilities

When any unexpected event or situation occurs, it may have occurred through hundreds of different possibilities. If we want to give you a solution, it is best to analyze the different possibilities that exist in order to find the one that best suits us.

To meditate

Sometimes there is no other choice but to disconnect a bit in order to see everything from a much calmer and calmer perspective. For this, meditation can be a great ally when it comes to calming down and continuing to train once we have recovered a bit.

Fool the mind

Bring imagination to life. Sometimes we get too caught up in situations that have not yet taken place. Hence, sometimes it is necessary to think a little through our thoughts. On many occasions it is there where the solution to our problems is found and therefore a more complete happiness.


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